Film: “Count Frankula” Trailer

On Saturday the 29th October at The Cinema Museum during The Misty Moon International Film Festival “Count Frankula” will premier. A short horror/comedy written by David Barry and starring Caroline Munro, Emma Dark, Judy Matheson, Fenella Fielding and David Barry as Frankie Abbott, this is one horror film that will be begging you for no more chips !!!!  Here is our teaser trailer……

Video: Frankie Abbott & Marion Auditioning The Teddy Bears

Here is a New Year’s treat for everybody who loved the hapless mummy’s boy Frankie Abbott.  Frankie and his carer were caught auditioning teddy bears for the up and coming “A Day In The Lives Of Frankie Abbott” play. Watch the video to find out which teddy they chose.  Video recorded by Sequined Moon and edited by Jason Read of Robo Film. 


Tickets for the open & press night on the 20th April 2016 are now available from The Phoenix Artist Club.  There will be 2 performances 7pm and 9pm.

7pm performance:

9pm performance: