The Return of Ian Ogilvy – 25th September

We had yet another fantastic evening with actor Ian Ogilvy, on Saturday 25th September, for Misty Moon Online events.
We were honoured that Ian wanted to do another one after his previous online evening at the beginning of August, to tell us his stories of his career in tv and film. From The Return of the Saint, The Witchfinder General, The Socerers, No Sex Please, We’re British, working with Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing and much much more. The questions came firing fast from fans in the audience and a queue built up quickly, which Ian loved answering directly.
We Co-hosted again with his friend and huge The Return of the Saint fan Mike Smith, who first met Ian when he was seven years old and has kept in touch ever since and possesses one of the original Saint cars.
As well as clips of Ian’s work put together by tech man Martin Rudman, Mike had his own contribution of clips, including a hilarious video that he filmed himself of Ian re-enacting the scene from the Alan Partridge tv series, when he visits the character Lynn mothers grave and plays the theme tune of The Return of the Saint!
Ian was immensely touched that his friend, the actress Jenny Hanley, joined us for the event to chat about her experiences of working with him and thrilled the audience too.
An event is always fun with Ian and we all had a great time! Even the infamous Hurdy Gurdy that Ian handmade himself crept in to make another appearance 😀

Ian Ogilvy with Jenny Hanley, Mike Smith and Stuart and Jen Morriss
Ian Ogilvy as Simon Templar in Return Of The Saint

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