Naughty but niche with Robin Askwith – 4/11/20

So we did it, against all the odds, Misty Moon put on the biggest gig since the original lockdown and just hours before Lockdown 2 was about to start…. El Presidente Robin Askwith entertained a full but socially distanced Phoenix Arts Club with irreverent stories and a cameo from none other than George Layton.. I would like to thank all the team at The Phoenix especially Peter Dunbar, we had so many frantic calls over the last few days to make sure the gig went ahead… My wingman for the night Matthew Stanford and of course to the wonderful Misty Mooners who attended along with the other members of the audience…. Misty Moon & Robin will be back at The Phoenix and Cinema Museum as soon as we can… until then, Misty Moon Online Events are still going strong….. Photos from last night by Matthew Stanford, Gillian Bryant and Ellen Holbrook.


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