The Socially Distanced Bill Reunion 4 – 07/11/2020

What a gig on Saturday the 7th November…. Misty Moon’s The Bill Reunions are always fabulous, whether they are at our beloved Cinema Museum or in more recent times online, but this one was exceptional…. 4.5 hours of pure entertainment for the fans during a dark autumn night of Lockdown. A huge, huge thank you to my guests, Carolyn Pickles, Suzanne Maddock, Gary Grant, Oliver Crocker and Graham Cole Obe…. Thank you as always to our tech wizard Martin Rudman for the great clips and to the wonderful audience which also had a few famous faces in it, including our Darling Patron Linzi Drew and Hammer actress Valerie Leon… The next Socially Distanced Bill Reunion will be on Saturday the 30th January 2021. Confirmed guests Natalie Rowles aka DS Debbie McAllister, Suzanne Maddock aka WPC Cass Rickman, Jon Iles aka DC Mike Dashwood and Andrew Mackintosh aka DS Alistair Greig .


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